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I am Ed Tannebaum, the founder and President of Strategic Planning Initiative's, LLC. SPI was started after a very diverse career as an owner and senior management member of firms serving the complete spectrum of project delivery, from design to construction to facility management. SPI was started and has maintained the ability to service Manufacturing and Service Organizations in the growth of their technology driven, compliant businesses in many ways that will be detailed within our story.

Credential wise, I have been a Registered Architect in 24 states, across the United States, working not only in North America, but internationally in Europe, the Middle East and South America. My career has spanned Design, Construction Management and Corporate Facility Management for a Fortune 50 Corporation.. My professional network of consultants spans virtually every aspect of today's business world that relates to their operations. From my forty plus years working in and around business client leadership and owners, I have gained the perspective of "walking in our client's shoes', which enables me and my advisors to rapidly gain and understand their daily needs and future expectations.


Consulting is framed around working hand-in-hand around a client, gaining their respect, and moving in a rapid manner to develop proposed solutions that fit within their expectations of time, cost and flexibility to meet changing business requirements. Past experience in these targeted manufacturing and service provider industries has taught valuable lessons in development of customized methods of achieving success on a consistent long-term basis. 

Client retention is the true mark of success in consulting. Repeat assignments with clients from 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years ago, is a testament to the relationships and trust that my services has provided. SPI is the culmination of the varied experience and client services we have enjoyed.

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