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  • Owner Representation

  • Strategic Business Planning

    • Pre-Purchase Due-Diligence

    • Program Management

    • Owner Representation

  • Conceptual Development

    • Programming​

    • Scheduling

    • Cost Estimation

  • Project Execution

    • Project Management

    • Permitting

    • RFQ/RFP/Procurement​

    • Delivery Oversight

    • Owner Coordination

  • Post Occupancy

    • Evaluations​

    • Audits

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Owner Representation



Many Owners lack te in-house capabilities to manage the process related to their businesses important physical assets. Understanding the process from the initial strategy to the due diligence in acquiring an asset is critical in assessing value, controlling cost and the scheduled initiation of operations.

This 'third-party', experienced set of hands-on knowledge, labor resources and value analysis provides the Owner, Board and Senior Staff with talent that 'hits the ground running'. Little to no learning curve in understanding business goals and developing a plan of managing the process, sets this service apart for clients.

"Walking in an owner's shoes", is a valuable tool when representing an Owner.

Strategic Business Planning



A strategic business plan is the starting point for a successful business transition. Growing, shrinking or combining business elements all create the need for a well conceived Strategic Business Plan. Evaluating Sale Projections on new or existing products or services is an area of expertise that drives the planning. From participating in many, many plans, our team becomes a facilitator to advise Owners on the data that will create their initial and long term flexibility in managing their business resource.

The person-to-person process that we create, allows the team to work collectively to assemble and review the data that drives the overall plan for capacity, costs and timing that result.

Conceptual Development


Conceptual Development is both an art and a science. Having the vision to transform the numbers, ideas and foresight into a successful venture is a talent that results from experience. Gaining a hands-on understanding of each clients business, through its operation, it's staff and most of all opportunities to increase quality and bottom-line margins is SPI's strength. The initial process of conceiving a path forward is a collaborative, rather efficient method of establishing critical parameters for decision making. This initial phase of activities proves the reality of the Owner's goals in a rapid and convincing manner.

Whether a proposed project proves feasible or requires rethinking of the premise, this Conceptual Planning will set the standard for a 'Rapid Reality Check", without wasting much time or precious capital.

Project Execution / Post Occupancy


From the point of beginning to expend capital; including land,property purchases or ;easing, SPI has the experience to support this effort. Hiring the proper team to formulate design, logistics or equipment investments is a critical step in in successful projects. How the team is selected, developing roles and responsibilities and 'finding the right people' to sit opposite each other during this upcoming period of time, are the keystone to successful collaboration.

Knowledge and experience are the most important aspect of execution. Being provided with the soundest advice and facilitation are the hallmarks that SPI will bring to this important business event.

Post Occupancy involvement for a significant period of time after execution is completes, insures that the Owner's long term goals are satisfied with the finished product or by 'tweaking' the product to improve performance or quality.

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